Client Comments

So glad I came to your class. You are a terrific teacher. I appreciate you – P. P., Des Plaines IL

Just wanted you to know I watch all your videos.  Perhaps I don't follow all your good, healthy suggestions, but I am thinking about what I eat, and trying to eat healthy.  Thanks so much! – M. K., Mount Prospect IL

Can I forward this to someone who is HUGE into essential oils? – P. S., Palatine IL

Just want to say how much I enjoyed the class last night.  I know that I will be using the techniques in several ways to enhance both my physical and emotional health.  Thank you. – M. P., Mount Prospect IL

Thank you for a great class! I enjoyed it so much. Tapping is a wonderful tool and I'm enjoying the process. In gratitude and appreciation. - J. R., Des Plaines IL

Thank you for presenting today at our group today.  It was a very fun – and very educational/useful – session! – M. G., Schaumburg IL

Thanks Celeste.  I look forward to seeing your health tips pop up on my email. - M. P., Mount Prospect IL

Thank you, Celeste!  I look forward to watching your YouTube health tips and reading the information you send along. – N.E. Prospect Heights IL

This is so interesting, thanks for sharing. – N. G. Mount Prospect IL

Thank you for your investment in good health that you share with us. – M. H., California

I agree whole-heartedly and all my research agrees to yours as well. – V. A., YouTube

Thanks for all this helpful information. It is most appreciated. – Y. P., Arlington Heights IL

Thanks you for teaching the laughter and meditation classes.  I enjoy the classes and appreciate your work in making them available. - J. P., Arlington Heights IL

Thank you more than you know. The information you share is truly enlightening. Please continue to keep me posted as I look forward to the learning experience. Thanks. - N. N., Arlington Heights IL

I’ve enjoyed watching your videos and am learning (and trying to follow) some of the wonderful recommendations – and pursuing/seeking out additional information as I go along. – N. Y., Arlington Heights IL

Very informative....thanks much!! – F. U., Arlington Heights IL

Thank you so much for all your "Canary in the coal mine " messages and I so enjoy your meditation classes. – P. J., Arlington Heights IL

Great information. I especially appreciate the specifics on the different digestive enzymes. – M. P., Schaumburg IL

I’m very excited about your videos. I'll look at a few tonight before I go to bed. Keep me on your mailing list. Thanks for all of your tips, I'm open, never done this before. – D. K., Wheaton IL

I appreciated your video on Digestive Enzymes. Thank you so much for putting me on your list. - M.H., California

I had some time to watch a few of your videos; these are very cool!! I plan to explore your channel more when I have some free time! Thank you for thinking of sharing these with me. I look forward to the new videos to come! - N. S., Des Plaines IL

I’m glad you added me so that I can see your videos. I have gone through them and find them very interesting. – V. V., Florida

Wow! What a great video! So interesting. I would definitely like to receive more of the same! – F. F., Elmhurst IL

Thanks!  I can use all of the advice on aging I can get. – U. B., Mount Prospect IL

Thanks for sending this!  Very good info and a good testament to how well alternative treatments have been for you and should inspire others also! – P. K., Arlington Heights IL

Thanks for sending this...I’ve shared it all over the place. – X. J., Rolling Meadows IL

I think your video is very well done!  It is very clear and very easy to watch/listen too!  (And provides an easy natural solution.) – M. G., Schaumburg IL

I want to thank you for all you present to our class. You have opened many new doors for me – F. E., Arlington Heights IL

What a great and graphic demonstration of this principle.  You really nailed it!  Thanks for sharing this with me. – J. E., Des Plaines IL

Great quality of video – this is a potent teaching tool. Thank you! – P. V., Glen Ellyn, IL

Thank you for your richly informative presentation. You are a blessing to our group! – O. E., Des Plaines IL

I just thought I would share with you, how pleased the residents were with your class. I think your preparation and presentation was terrific. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and skills with our residents. – P. G., Palatine IL


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