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If you're brand new to my short health tip videos, here are a dozen you might want to start with. Watching them one after another will take you just over an hour:

Prioritize Wellness!

Your Body is Made of the Food You Eat.

There Are Only Two Causes of Disease.

Your Body is Self-Healing.

If You Want Good Health, Eat for High Nutrition, Not Just for Pleasure.

For Better Health, Change the Proportions on Your Plate.

Trading Your Health for Convenience.

Healthy Eating Hasn't Cost Me More.

You Have to be Motivated to Stay Well Today.

Become Your Own Health Detective.

What is Inflammation and Why is it Important?

Preventing Illness.


Here are the health tip videos I've already emailed to people.  The most recent are on top.

How to Stop a Cold in Its Tracks.

Healthy Halloween Treats.

Why I Don't Get the Flu Vaccine.

What is Inflammation and Why is it Important?

More Women Die of Heart Disease Than Breast Cancer.

What I Got in My CSA Delivery in Late Summer.

Get a Shower Filter.

For Wellness, Clean Up Your Home Environment.

Where You Hurt May Not Be What You Need To Fix.

We Don't Recognize What's Fat Any More.

Sleepy After Lunch? It Might Be Caused by Gluten.

Improving Skin Conditions.

What I Got In My CSA Delivery Week 2.

5 Months After My 40-Day Water-Only Fast.

Sunscreen Update 2018.

Day 33 of Fasting for Health.

After a Stent, You Still Need to Change Your Diet and Lifestyle.

Probiotics or Prebiotics – What’s the Difference?

How to Support Your Local Farmer.

Use a Glucose Meter to Check the Effect of Food on You.

Use a Blood Glucose Meter to Monitor Your Health.

Seals That Mean Healthier Foods.

Is Your Sunscreen Safe?

Some Great Articles About Healthy Eating.

3 Months After My 40-Day Water-Only Fast.

How to Make a Healthy Cafe Mocha Smoothie.

287 Chemicals Found in the Blood of Newborn Babies.

The Power of the Checkmark.

Stress Kills More People Than Smoking.

Protecting Our Pets' Wellness Too!

Don't Buy Products Containing the Anti-Bacterial Triclosan.

Three Weeks Since My 40-Day Water Fast.

Day 40 of a Water Fast.

Vegan or Vegetarian - What's the Difference?

Prioritize Wellness!

You Have to be Motivated to Stay Well Today.

Laboratory Tests You Can Order Yourself.

You Can't Out-Supplement a Bad Diet!

Help for Your Allergies.

Reading the Food Package Ingredients List.

What is the Best Diet?

Confused Over Why You Don’t Feel Well?

How Many Calories More Does Muscle Burn Than Fat?

Drinking Low-Fat Milk But Eating More Cheese Is No Real Change.

Why Do We Crave Things That We Know Are Not Good for Us?

Help for Allergies.

There’s Time to Think After the Diagnosis.

Become Your Own Health Detective.

What's Good for the Environment is Good for Us.

Where Vegans Get Their Protein.

Create an Electronics-Free Zone in Your Bedroom.

Eat Wild-Caught Fish Not Farmed.

I Had a Reaction to an Over-the-Counter Cold Medication.

What's Best? Fresh, Frozen or Canned Produce?

Preventing Illness.

Your Water and Baked Goods May Be Robbing You of Energy.

EFT Demonstration.

EFT Tapping Points.

Avoid Toxic Lawn Care Chemicals.

Vitamin D and Magnesium Deficiency is Rampant in the US.

There Are Two Different Types of Disease.

I Use An Electric Cooler For Long Car Trips.

Sanitizing Kitchen Sponges.

I Got Brain Fog From Holiday Treats.

Create a Happiness List.

How Much Water Should I Drink?

What Is EFT "Tapping"?

Try An Elimination Diet To Overcome Suffering. Tests Vitamins and Supplements.

Excess Protein Can AGE Us.

How Much Protein Do We Really Need?

My Background in Chemistry

Using Your Computer, Tablet or Cellphone After Dark Can Mess Up Your Sleep.

Do You Know That Foods Labelled "Organic" Can Contain Heavy Metals Like Lead and Mercury?

If You Want Good Health, Eat For Nutrition Not Just For Pleasure.

Make Vegetable "Noodles" with a Spiralizer.

Finding Healthy Olive Oil Is Not Easy!

Make Your Own Nut Milk.

A Thought About Thanksgiving.

For Better Health Change the Proportions on Your Plate.

My Blood Pressure Goes Up 10 Points When I Eat Out.

My Husband Got Hepatitis From The Building Materials In Our New House.

The Total Toxic Load On Our Bodies is Quite High.

The Effect of Food Choices on Obesity and Diabetes.

The Ideal Omega 3 to Omega 6 Fatty Acid Ratio.

Why Are There So Many Chemicals In Processed Food?

Make Your Own Food To Know What's In It.

Two Helpful Kitchen Appliances You Need.

I'm Having a Reaction to Food Today.

It's Okay For Kids To Get Dirty.

Rats With Genes For Obesity Don't Always Get Fat.

Trading Your Health For Convenience.

Sugar's Many Aliases.

For Energy, Drink Fresh Vegetable Juice Instead of Caffeine.

My Father's Heart Attacks.

Get Minerals From Plants Not Rocks.

For Best Sleep, Sleep in a Totally Dark Room.

Avoid Corn and Soy Products That Are Not Organic.

Delete the Dairy Products.

How Long Did Our Ancestors Really Live?

Your Body is Self Healing.

Sometimes Even Calves Don't Thrive on Cow's Milk.

Use Essential Oils, Not Air Fresheners!

Death by Medicinal Drugs.

The More I Eat Out, the More I Weigh.

Probiotics or Digestive Enzymes - What's the Difference?

Healthy Eating Hasn't Cost Me More!

Are the Soy-Based Products You're Eating Safe?

Why Are There So Many Ingredients in Processed Foods?

Lime and Lemon Presses are Handy Tools to Have.

Get Your Chocolate Fix with This Healthy Snack.

Believe the ingredients list not the front of the package.

Digestive Enzymes May Work Better for You Than Antacids.

The New 2015 US Dietary Guidelines.

Healthy Flavored Water.

The "Handedness" of Body Molecules.

My High School Classmates Are Sick and Dying.

The Barbecue Grill and the Microwave Gotta Go!

What's a Healthy Insect Repellent to Use?

Ideas for Healthy Snacks.

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

Three Critical Questions to Ask About the Food You Eat.

Watch Out for Nasty Chemicals in Your Sunscreen.

"Silver" Fillings Contain Toxic Mercury.

What I Take to Improve Digestion

Healthy Snacks - Fruit Leathers.

How I Got Started Meditating.

Healthy Eating in Restaurants.

EWG is a Website That Guides You in Making Safe and Healthy Purchases.

Cheap and Easy Gluten-Free Crackers.

The Trouble with Bottled Water Is . . .

Your Body Is Made From the Food You Eat.

Laugh 10 Minutes a Day for Better Health.

There are Only Two Causes of Disease.

The Effects of Electrical Fields on Your Body.

What's the Difference Between Distilled Water and Filtered Water?

Why I Filter ALL the Water in My House, Not Just What I Drink.

Why I Drink and Cook with Distilled Water.

What Does "Natural" on Food Labels Really Mean?

What the Heck is Epigenetics?

Why I Call Myself a Canary in the Coal Mine.

Migraine Headache Pain Relief.


Non-Dairy Strawberry Smoothie.





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